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what a hot date巨茎爆乳无码性色福利

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what a hot date巨茎爆乳无码性色福利

Incestuous HaremChapter Eleven: Virgin GiftBy mypenname3000Copyright 2016Zoey EllistonMy girlfriend, Stefani, held me from behind, her round breasts pressed into my back as I shuddered. The words choked out of my mouth, admitting that I had masturbated this morning to my little brother. The Squirt. I couldn't be attracted to him. I was gay.Right?I mean, yes, I once wanted to sleep with my dad, but what girl didn't have a crush on the strong, hunky man who raised her? At eighteen, I had tried to seduce him, and it had backfired. He rejected me, gently, and I fled to my best friend Stefani to cry.And she showed me who I truly was. She seduced me, made love to me, took my cherry with her fingers. We made such sweet passion. For two years, we had been lovers. Everyone thought we were just close friends. So I couldn't like Clint. He was just my little brother. That annoying boy who swaggered around thinking he was a man. Just because our cousin, Melody, had no taste in men and let Clint stick his small dick in her didn't mean I should.“You masturbated to Clint?” Stefani said, and I could hear the amusement in her voice. “And that has you freaked out?”“Yes, Dandi,” I said, shivering. Dandi, short for Dandelion, was my private nickname for her. Since kids, we had called each other Dandi and Yunie. It was why I had a unicorn tattooed on my pubic mound and Stefani a bright dandelion. “He's my little brother. How can I find Squirt attractive? He's so annoying.”“He's cute,” Stefani giggled. “Growing strong. Looks a lot like your dad.”“Dandi,” I groaned. “You can't think he's cute.”“Sure I can.” Her hand stroked up and cupped my breast. She nuzzled into my neck. “He's always looking at you. Mmm, the way you dress to tease him.”“I don't dress to tease him,” I protested. “I just like tight clothing.”“With that sexy cameltoe. Yum. He wants you so bad.” She squeezed my large tit. They were almost as big as Mom's. Maybe even the same size. “He wants to cup these big tits and lick that delicious cameltoe.”I squirmed. “What are you saying?”“That you dress like you're still trying to get your dad to seduce you. You never gave up on it.”“I did. I'm a lesbian now.” I rolled over, my large tits pressing into hers, her nipples rings nudging my hard nubs. I stared into her green eyes. “I dress this way for you.”Stefani giggled. “Oh, Zoey, you first dressed like this for your dad. And you still do it. It's been six months since he passed. I think you dress this way for Clint.”“The Squirt?”“Yeah.” She rolled her eyes. “You're not gay, Zoey. You're bi. Like me. Why do you think we work at a strip club?”“For the money,” I blinked. “Because dumb men are stupid enough to shower us with money just hoping we might break the rules and fuck them.”“Because we like their attention. Oh, Yunie, don't you see that? We're exhibitionist. We get off on shaking our tight asses and tits for them. Yeah, we don't want to fuck those men, but we like them staring at us, lusting at us. You are so hot afterward. How late did you keep me up last night? The back seat of your car is cramped.”I blushed. “But... I love you.”“And I love my sweet unicorn.” Her nose nuzzled mine then her lips kissed me, a quick peck. “But doesn't mean I don't think about boys. That I wouldn't love to finally fuck one. The right one.”“And who would that be?” My stomach squirmed. I didn't like this conversation at all. “Because I don't want to fuck any boy. Just you.”“And Clint.” She arched an eyebrow. “Mmm, he is cute. He's not your dad, but he's getting their. Give him a few more years and, damn, what a man he will make. I bet he would take me so hard. Oh, I am getting so wet just thinking about it.”“You're crazy,” I gasped, rolling away from her. “He's Squirt. He's a boy. He's not my dad!”I froze, shaking, my stomach twisting. He wasn't Dad. He thought he was, but he wasn't. Not even close. No matter what Mom or Stefani or Melody thought. It was just a fluke masturbating to him. I was all confused. I wanted Dad so badly. Tears blinked in my eyes. I shivered.And then Stefani was hugging me, holding me. I clung to her, crying. Dad was dead. He wasn't coming back. And Clint couldn't replace him. He just couldn't. He was just a boy.A boy that made Melody scream her head off when she came. A boy that ate her pussy to orgasm and fucked her hard. A boy that had Lee cleaning, behaving. That had Mom singing his praises, saying he was the man of the house. Strong.He was strong. Handsome, growing into a man. Maybe...No! He was not Dad. He never would be Dad.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clint EllistonI held Alicia's hand as we walked to school Monday morning. A nervous energy buzzed through me as we strolled down the street to our school. I felt like Alica's daddy taking her to school. She was so cute in her frilly, pink dress, her light-brown hair in her pigtails, glasses perched delicately on her nose, her shoes Mary Janes with ankle socks with a cuff of ruffled lace. Melody, strolling on my other side, wearing her classic jeans and a t-shirt that seemed two sizes too small, hugging her tight to show off her body. She was a tomboy. And outside of our houses, no one could know she was more than my cousin.They couldn't know she was my half-sister and that I was fucking her. And they definitely couldn't know that I was fucking Alicia.Lee walked behind us, or sometimes in front, bursting with so much energy as she darted back and forth. I could tell she was excited for her task today. I only wished I could be there to see it in person, but Alicia would record it for the entire family to watch later.Zoey drove herself to school. She had left early. I saw her heading out, wearing her tightest clothing, her ass looking like a million bucks in her jeans, a cameltoe begging to be devoured, her tits bouncing in her halter top. She took one look at me, doe eyes widening. Then she bolted.She was definitely coming around. I had to be patient with her. She was too strong-willed to be captured as easily as the other women of the family.“PE is going to be so much fun,” chortled Lee. “Right, Alicia?”“Oh, yes.” She squeezed my hand. “I can't wait. Your phone better have a full charge to capture it, cunt.” Alicia was enjoying her ability to insult and degrade Lee.“It does,” Lee nodded, loving being insulted. She got off on degradation. She whipped her cell phone out of her pocket. “It's even off. I hope you can use it.”“Just because I don't own a smart phone doesn't me I don't know how to use one.” Alicia glanced up at me, her face so cute. “Don't worry, big brother, I'll immortalize her task.”“Yes,” Lee groaned.Melody bumped her shoulder against me. We had several ways of showing our affection in public. Shoulder bumps, smiles, her punching me in the arm, her licking her lips—I can't do that one sexily. We had been kissing cousins for a while before Friday night when everything had changed.“School is going to suck,” Melody groaned. “I just want to be your girl and let everyone know it.” She glanced at me. “Just say it. Tell me to take off my top in the middle of school. I'm not wearing a bra. Let everyone see you command me.”I wanted to, but there would be consequences. Lee might be in a lot of trouble for what I commanded her to do. I didn't want Melody to get in any. But I knew she wanted it. I glanced around, cars streaming by on their morning commute.“Let me see those tits right now,” I told her.Melody didn't hesitate. She pulled up her blouse, her round tits spilling out, her nipples hardening into two dusky points. She shivered, holding them up for me, letting me drink them in. I squeezed Alicia's hand as I watched. Passing cars honked, getting an eyeful of barely legal tits.Melody's hips shook. Her sandy-blonde hair, braided, swayed about her back. I had a perfect, side-profile view of her round breasts, so firm and perky, her nipples hard. She could have turned to face me, but then her back would be to the street and no one could see those delicious tits.“Do you think all the men are jealous that they can't touch these tits, Princess?” I asked, my dick hardening.“Oh, yes, big brother,” nodded Alicia. “Big sister has such beautiful tits.”“Top notch,” nodded Lee. “Wish mine were as big.”“Thanks,” Melody moaned, thighs rubbing together.“And how wet are your panties?” I asked.“So wet.”“Show them.”Melody let out an almost orgasmic groan. Her fingers shot to the fastener of her jeans. Her shirt bunched around the tops of her tits. She pushed her jeans down off her hips. They fell to her knees. She turned, showing off the blue panties she wore today, a narrow cut with a thin waistband, almost a thong. I could see her shaved pussy lips molding to the fabric and the dark stains spreading.“Those look wet,” I agreed. “Panties down, too. Let's see you glisten in the morning sunlight.”“Oh, god,” she moaned, rolling her panties off her thighs. A line of juices connected her pussy and panties for a moment, a glistening, gossamer thread.I groaned when it snapped.She had a tight, flushed pussy. Juices gleamed. A trickle worked down her thigh. I breathed in her sweet musk. Cars honked more and more, staring at her exposed ass. They were all so envious, lusting after this sweet nineteen-year-old hottie.And she was all mine.“Okay. Better cover up before you get arrested.”“Yes!” she hissed, yanking down her blouse first before pulling up her panties and jeans. She snapped them close and zipped up, face flushed. “When we get to school, we have to find a place so I can blow you. You look so hard.” She bumped my shoulder.“So hard, big brother,” Alicia nodded, licking her cute lips.“Are you wet, Princess?”“I'm soaked,” Lee groaned.“Wasn't talking to you, slut.”Lee beamed. She bounced on her heels, bursting with energy.“My cunny is all tingly now, big brother. I'm getting so hot and wet.”I squeezed Alicia's hand, wanting to kiss my eighteen-year-old sister right here, right now.But we had to get to school.I was hard the entire way, and Lee was walking in front of me, wearing a skirt that left her legs bare. They were sexy legs. And she had a sexy ass. She kept bouncing, making her small tits jiggle beneath the tight spaghetti strap halter top she wore. I was glad the warm weather was holding out so long into September to appreciate what she was showing.Even if I had to readjust twice before we reached the school. And my first class was PE with Melody. I would have to stare at her in those tight athletic shorts and a tank top, plus the other girls in the class, particularly Pam Hiragawa.I loved Asian girls, and the Japanese was petite like Alicia but with breasts like Melody. And that skin... Such a lovely shade.“Damn, I'm just getting harder,” I groaned as we reached the school. “We have to find a place on the way to PE.”Melody nodded her head. “It'll be a torture for you. Particularly with Pam in the class.”“Good luck, Master,” Lee said. “Do I have your permission to go to class?”I nodded my head. Lee darted off. Then Alicia gave me a big smile. She hesitated for a moment, almost rising on her tiptoes, then she remembered herself and walked away, her backpack bouncing as she strode through the school, looking too young to be an eighteen-year-old.“There's the unisex bathroom,” Melody said. “It has a lock.”“And everyone will see us go in there,” I groaned. “We're early. We just have to be creative.”“Well...” Melody bit her lip. “Oh, why do we have to go to school. There should be a mandatory break. Doesn't everyone know what's happened with our family?”“No. And they can't ever. Incest is illegal.”She shivered. “Doesn't that just make it—”“Clint,” a shy voice said from behind him. “Can I speak with you and Melody?”I frowned and turned to find Pam Hiragawa, wearing a pleated, white skirt with red flowers and black tights covering her legs. Her hands were folded before her, color spotting the pale-olive of her cheeks, her head bowed. Submissive.“Yeah?” I asked, my mouth watering.“I...” She licked her lips. “I... That is, your aunt asked me to do something for you.”“Oh, what?” I blinked. What was my slutty Aunt Vicky up to? She was Melody and Lee's mother, and a humiliation slut like Lee. This morning, I had pissed in Aunt Vicky's mouth while Lee drank Melody's urine.I loved starting the day that way.“I...” She squirmed.“Well?” Melody asked, a grin on her face. “What is it?”Pam looked around, her cheeks growing even darker, her squirming even worse. “This is so embarrassing.” She took a deep breath. “She's been coaching me for debate. And... And she thinks... This will help with my...my confidence.”“I think you could use that,” Clint nodded.“So...?” Pam moved even closer, only inches apart. Other students walked past us. “So, can I blow you while Melody watches?”“Oh, I get to watch,” Melody smiled.My dick almost erupted. I couldn't believe this was happening. “Yes,” I groaned. “Yes, you can. We just need to find a place.”“I know one,” she said. “Your aunt said we could use her classroom. It'll be empty and unlocked.”“Second floor,” Melody and I said together.I seized Pam's hand, gripping hard. I wasn't letting her get away. “Come on.”She nodded her head, still bowed. It was so sexy, so submissive.It was hard not to run through the halls to the classroom, but my dick ached and throbbed so badly. Pam Hiragawa wanted to suck my cock. Aunt Vicky deserved a reward for this. My mom had mentioned once how she and her sister would procure Asian girls for Dad to enjoy, gifts to him to show their love and affection.“Damn, Mom really outdid herself,” Melody groaned.“Yes,” I panted. We reached the stairs. My dick was iron. Steel. Adamantium.I almost dragged Pam up it in my haste, Melody keeping pace. She was clearly as excited as I was by this entire situation. Her cheeks were flushed red again. I bet her pussy grew hot, itching. We reached the second floor and walked down to Aunt Vicky's classroom.I tuned the doorknob. It twisted.I pushed through the door, pulling both of them in. Melody locked it behind her. The classroom was dark, the only light spilling in beneath the door jam and through the small window set in it. The blinds were pulled down, keeping out the sun. The sounds muted.It was so private, our own dark world to play in.“Have you ever sucked a cock before?” Melody asked.Pam shook her head.“Licked a pussy?”Pam nodded.My cock throbbed.“Was it my mom's?” Melody's voice was so husky.Pam nodded.“Oh, damn, Clint.” Melody shivered. “Pam, didn't it make you curious why my mom would send you to blow her nephew while I watched?”Pam squirmed.I cupped her chin. “You answer Melody. She's my main girl. You obey her like you obey me.”Pam licked her lips. “It made me wet. I...I...I'm bi. I like you both. I've seen you kiss. It made me so wet. I wished...”“Jesus,” I groaned. “You saw us? When.”“Two weeks ago. During PE. You were behind the portables. You had Melody pinned against the wall, kissing her so hard. I couldn't get it out of my mind. She's your cousin, and it was so hot.”“I'm his half-sister,” Melody said. “Now how does that make you feel about us kissing?”“Oh, wow,” groaned Pam. She trembled.“And you're just a submissive, wet slut,” I groaned. “Your panties must be soaked right now.”She nodded her head.“Good. I want them soaked all day. No touching yourself. On your knees and start sucking. I want to cum in that mouth. But don't swallow. Hold it in your mouth.” I took out my phone. “I want to capture it.”“Yes, Clint, “Melody moaned, her jeans unsnapping.I arched an eyebrow at her as she yanked them down, exposing those sexy, blue panties.“May I masturbate?” she gasped, her panties coming down, her pussy exposed. She stroked her blonde landing strip. “Please, Clint. I love you so much.”“I let you get away with too much,” I groaned. I just loved indulging her and spoiling Alicia. They were the two I loved love. I cared for the other women, loved them, but they weren't the ones that made my heart beat faster, made me just want to hang out with them. “Masturbate.”“Thank you.” Melody shoved her hands between her thighs and groaned.Pam fell to her knees, and I hit record on my phone. She had such a doll's face, her black hair, pulled into a French braid, spilled over her white blouse. Her delicate fingers trembled as she undid my jeans and pulled down my zipper. She worked my pants down my hips, exposing my blue boxers, my cock tenting the front.“You're so big,” she whispered. “Bigger than I imagine.”“Then you masturbated to?” Melody asked.Pam nodded her head, pulling down my boxers. Her eyes widened as my dick spilled out before her face, the tip smacking her nose and sending a sharp jolt of pleasure up my cock. She licked her lips, staring at it. One hand wrapped about the base, stroking my dick. She trembled, drinking in the sight.“The first dick you've ever seen?” I asked.She nodded her head. “Outside of pictures in health class.”“And those cocks are pathetic,” groaned Melody, juicy sounds coming from between her thighs. “You'll love his dick, Pam. Trust me.”Pam didn't answer. Instead, she licked at the underside of my dick, starting about the middle and heading towards the tip. She brushed the sensitive ring at the crown of my dick then across the spongy tip. I groaned. Her tongue lapped at the slit, gathering the beading precum.She pulled her tongue in, savoring the taste, slanted eyes staring up at me as she shivered. Moaned. And then again she licked the tip of my cock. She swirled her tongue about it. Her lips brushed it. She sucked on the tip, bringing a groan from my lips.“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned Melody. “That's it. Suck his cock. That's my man's dick you're pleasing. You better make him cum so hard. He's dying for it.”“I am,” I groaned, her mouth sliding up and down, sucking, bobbing, her cheeks hollowing as she worked her lips. She shifted her head, tongue swirling.My cock was in Pam Hiragawa's mouth. I couldn't believe it. If I wasn't in love with Melody, I would have asked Pam out last year when I first met her. She was so sexy, so delicious. I aimed my smart phone at her, immortalizing her first blowjob, her first act of submission. I glanced back and forth from her face and the screen, making sure she was centered.“Damn, you are sexy sucking cock,” I groaned. “Mmm, you're my doll-faced, Asian slut. My Japanese whore.”She sucked harder, cheeks hollowing.“You like that?” I asked. “Does it make you wet when I call you those names? Or just when I say that you're mine?”Pam moaned about my dick, her hips wiggling. The humming bliss of her voice sent a shudder down my cock to my aching balls. My free hand seized her French braid, holding it as she worked her mouth up and down his cock.Melody moaned in the background, fingers plunging into juicy twat. I loved her eyes on me, glad she was here. Aunt Vicky was right to include her. I wished only Alicia was here, too. And Lee. And my mom. And Aunt Vicky.And Zoey.I wanted all my women to see this moment, to know that other women outside our family submitted to me.“Shit,” I groaned, my body trembling, balls boiling. “Keep sucking that cock. I'm going to pump so much cum into your mouth. Melody got me so hard on the walk to school.”“I did. So hard. You should have made me blow you on the street, Clint.” Her head tossed back. “Oh, that would have been so hot.”Melody squealed out her orgasm, cumming hard. Her body shuddering. My balls ached. Her moans inflamed my lust. My cock throbbed in Pam's sucking mouth. Her cheeks hollowed with her passion, with her need to taste my cum while her hand stroked my cock.She wanted this. She wanted me. Jesus, I could have had threesomes with her and Melody for weeks. For months. If only I had woken up to being a man sooner.“Don't swallow or spit, slut,” I grunted, my cum rising in my balls. “Get ready. This is what you wanted. Fuck!”My cum boiled out of my balls. The pressure raced down my cock. That powerful surge of bliss shot through me. I grunted as my cum spurted into her hungry mouth. It splashed along her tonsils, bathing her mouth. She groaned, cheeks bulging as she sought to contain my load bursting into her mouth.“Yes, yes, yes,” hissed Melody. “You better not swallow a drop, slut!”Pam's hand squeezed my cock, stroking up it, getting out the last few drops. I still filmed her as she pulled her mouth off. She looked up at the camera, cheeks bright red, and then she opened her mouth, knowing what I wanted.My cum swam around her tongue, pooling at her gullet.“Fuck,” I panted. “See that, Aunt Vicky? See what this slut did for me?” I stared at Pam. “Swallow and tell my Aunt Slut just how much you enjoyed it.”Pam closed her mouth, swallowing, shuddering as my cum slid down to her belly. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. Then she opened her mouth wide, proving it was all gone before saying, “I loved it. Ms. Samuels. Your nephew's cum was so salty and yummy. I swallowed it all. Now I feel so confident.”I turned off the recording. “Damn, Pam, I can't wait to pop your cherry.” My fingers worked on my phone. I had an app that let me pull frames from video and save them as pics. “We're going to have fun tonight.”I attached the pics and hit send.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Vicky SamuelsMy phone beeped in my purse as I waited on the first floor of the school, wondering what was happening upstairs in my class.I opened it and smiled at the dirty sight of Pam Hiragawa's mouth open wide, my nephew's cum swimming in her mouth. The second pic was her mouth open, the cum gone. It was captioned, “Coolest aunt ever. You may ask for anything tonight, slut.”A hot shiver ran through me. He loved my gift. “I'm the coolest aunt ever,” I said to a pair of passing students. “Just the coolest.”They gave me weird looks. I did not care.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Melody Samuels“My cherry?” Pam asked.“After school,” Clint said, zipping up, “I'm taking your cherry. I want it.”She took a deep breath, her eyes moving, mind thinking. “It's yours.”I shuddered, my orgasm billowing through me, pussy spasming on my fingers. It peaked and bliss rippled through me. I pulled my fingers from my shaved snatch. With one hand, I pulled up my panties and jeans, wanting to preserve the cream on my digits. It was awkward, and I couldn't button up one-handed.I walked to them as Pam rose, trembling. She turned to face me, her head bowed. I smeared my pussy cream on my lips, tasting my sweet musk, and then kissed her hard on the mouth. Clint groaned as he watched us.Pam only hesitated for a moment before she kissed me back. Her lips moved, tongue tasting my cream. I shivered, my pussy clenching. I wanted to keep kissing her, but time was ticking. We had our first class soon.I broke the kiss. “Mmm, that's what I thought. You want to lick my pussy, too.”She nodded her head.“You will.” I glanced at Clint, forgetting he was in charge. “Right, Clint?”“I guess I can let you have that pleasure,” Clint said. “Or maybe Alicia should get it.”Pam's eyes widened. “Your little sister?”“Hot, right?” I arched my eyebrows at Pam.She nodded, blushing furiously.“I think she's perfect, Clint.”He frowned at me. “For what.”“For your girlfriend. You can't stay single. People already think we spend too much time together. They whisper about us.” I nudged Pam. “Here's your beard, as they say. Your new girlfriend. You did just ask her out on a date.”“To pop her cherry.”“Mmm, what a hot date, right, Pam?”She nodded her head.Clint looked at Pam. “You want that? You want to be my girlfriend?”I saw the interest in his dark eyes as he stared at Pam. I had seen him looking at Pam. In fact, there were times I was a little jealous of the attention he gave her, and other times I wanted the three of us to do things. Friday night, when Clint asked me if I was okay with threesomes, I meant it. I would share him with any girl.Especially Pam Hiragawa.“I would like that, Clint,337p西西人体大胆瓣开下部” Pam said, hands clasped before her. “Very much so.”Clint put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. Then it slipped down to her lower back and her ass. The jealousy surged through me. Not really at Pam, but just at the fact Clint could touch her like that in public and people wouldn't whisper.She was so lucky to be his in public.Her arm slipped about his waist as he pulled her close. He leaned down, giving her a kiss on the mouth, making her flutter. I took a deep breath, hating how my guts squirmed. This must be how my mom felt at times being Dad's secret lover, not able to be seen like this with him because her sister was the wife of the man she loved.What a shame our world was so intolerant.Clint broke the kiss. “Just remember, in private, Melody's my first woman. My queen. Alicia's my princess.”“What am I?”I smiled. “His concubine. You're not a slave like Lee and my mom and my aunt.”Her eyes widened. “So many women. Your entire family?”“Almost,” Clint said, heat in his voice. “But soon, all of them.”“Zoey won't hold out for long.” I moved in, patting his crotch. “You might need some help keeping up with all of us.”“I can handle it,” he boasted. He pulled Pam close. “Oh, me, Melody, and Lee applied for jobs at your mom's drug store. Care to put in a good word for your boyfriend?”Pam's smile grew. “I would be honored.” She leaned her head on his shoulder. They looked so perfect together.Clint glanced at me, frowning. I gave him a big smile back. Pam was so damned lucky it hurt.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lee SamuelsPhysical Education was my favorite class. I loved running, getting sweaty, the buzz from endorphins pumping through my veins as my heart raced. It was the best.And it was about to get better as I strolled into the locker room with the other girls. Alicia shared my class even though she was a year younger. She was the least athletic girl in class, and in her gym shorts and tank top, her underdeveloped body was so obvious. She was so petite, so flat chested. Her breasts had hardly budded, her nipples small. Even I had small handfuls of tits. I wasn't the flattest in the family.Zoey, Mom, and Aunt Cheryl had really lucked out in the tits department. Dad's side of the family must not be that busty.It was wonderful actually having a Dad. I wish I knew Uncle Clinton was my father while he lived, but it meant I didn't grow up without a father. He was always there, trying to keep me in check. I loved his attention. When I was bad, it always drew his stern gaze.Guess I was practicing for Clint.I opened my locker, grabbed my supplies—can of shaving cream and a fresh razor. I stripped naked while my sorta friend Carmelita arched her eyebrow. I was more friends with her to keep from being bullied. Which is why I had been such a cunt to Alicia the last year or so.“What's that for?” Carmelita asked as I headed naked for the showers, the only girl not wrapping herself up in a towel. Carmelita had, hiding her golden-brown curves.“Need to shave my pussy,” I told her, glancing down at the thick, Black bush adorning my pudenda. “Time to go for the bald look.”“Now?” she blinked. “You feelin' loco or something?”“Always,” I beamed, my pussy growing so juicy.This was so humiliating. Having to shave myself while all the girls of my PE class watched. But Clint's orders were adamant. “You have a hairy bush. I want it gone. Shave it off in the locker room then masturbate. Let all your friends know just what a filthy slut you truly are.”I was a filthy slut. A depraved whore. I sat down on the tiles and leaned against the central shower hub. There were no stall dividers but three pillars of stainless steel each with seven nozzles ringing it. The other girls blinked as I leaned back and spread my legs wide, exposing myself. Even with my thick bush, I felt like my cunt was on display.“Eww, what are you doing, Lee?” Alicia asked. “No one wants to see that hairy rug between your thighs.”She held my smart phone, filming what I was doing while the other girls froze, glancing at me, shock painted on their faces.“It is disgusting,” I moaned. “I'm such a filthy, disgusting slut. So it has to go.”The pink shaving cream whooshed into my hand. I rubbed it against my bush. The other girls whispered. Carmelita arched an eyebrow at me, a sneer crossing her lips as she folded her arms, pressing her towel against her tits beneath.Carmelita shook her head. “The bookworm's right, this is fucked up, Lee.”“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my pussy tingling. “I have to. My filthy bush has to go.”I shuddered as the razor scraped along my skin. Felt it glide across my pudenda. Heard the hairs cut. Felt bare skin in its the wake. I worked deftly, staring at all the girls almost as much as my pussy. Alicia filmed me, a wicked smile on her lips. Sneers and head shakes rippled through the other girls. They whispered to each other.And they judged me. Looked down on me.I was so wet.My pussy lips were swollen when I reached them. I felt them with my fingers as I shaved around my snatch. I groaned, exposing more and more of my cunt to their sight, to their mocking eyes. Their whispers grew louder and louder, reaching my sensitive ears.“What a freak. I don't want to see her snatch.”“Who does? She's a flat-chested beanpole.”“Why no guy wants her.”“Does she think shaving her beaver will get her dick?”“Maybe she wants the vag,” another girl laughed.“You a dirty dyke showing off that snatch to us?” Carmelita laughed. “Huh, want us all to stare at your pussy and think it's top shit.”“No, my cunt is filthy,” I moaned, shaving the last hairs. “Just look at it.” I spread my pussy lips open, showing pink. My fingers shoved into me. I groaned. I was so wet. “Look at how nasty this cunt is. Look at how deep I can shove my fingers in.”“She's masturbating. Eww, no one wants to see that, slut,” Alicia said. “Your cunny is rancid.”“No dick wants rancid pussy,” laughed Carmelita. “Fuck, Lee, you are one nasty girl.”“So nasty,” I moaned, my pussy clenching on my fingers. My legs spread wider, my fingers pumping faster.More than a dozen girls all stared at me. I drank in their disgust. The humiliation fed my lusts. The shame burned through my cheeks. My nipples ached. I pinched them with one hand as I reamed three fingers into my cunt, stretching out my hole while I moaned. My toes curled, my fingers pumping faster and faster.I was so juicy. I could hear my fingers as they fucked into my nasty cunt. Alicia had a huge grin on her face. She savored it for all the years I bullied her with Carmelita and the other girls in this room. And now they bullied me.“Skank.”“Slut.”“Whore.”“Bet she sells that pussy on the street corner.”“For five dollars.”“Just a cheap slut.”“She's a dyke. But we're not. We're not going to touch your cunt. Not even Felicity.”“Nope,” the actual lesbian said. “That's so sick, Lee. No one wants to see you masturbating.”“Not even Felicity thinks this is hot,” Carmelita sneered. “Your pussy doesn't even turn her on. God, why the fuck was I friends with you?”“Don't know,” I moaned, digging my fingers in faster and faster. “Yes, yes, yes, I'm such a nasty slut. Oh, my god!”“She's cumming,” Felicity sneered.“Gross.”“I'm going to barf.”Their words made the pleasure so intense. So wonderfully depraved. My eyes fluttered. My feet slid across the tiled floor. My moans echoed through the room. My back arched. My small tits shook. Cameras flashed. Pics of this would spread across the school faster than Nutella on bread.Stars burst before my eyes. They would hate me. They would call me derogatory names. Every day they would bully me. I would have to endure it, my pussy growing hotter and hotter, aching as they humiliated me.Nasty pics of me photoshopped with degrading captions would be all over the internet. Boys would hit on me, thinking I was easy. But I was only one man's slut. And he commanded me to do this. I didn't care what the consequences were.They would just help me cum harder.My body thrashed as my voice squeaked out of me. My pussy spasmed on my fingers. I shivered and shuddered. My eyes rolled back into my head. And then I fell still. I shivered, licking my lips. I pulled out my fingers, licking them clean.“Cuntwaffle loves her pussy cream,” sneered Carmelita. “But I bet it taste like rotten fish.”“Mmm, maybe you'll find out one day,” I shuddered as I stood up. I turned around and flipped on the shower. They stared at me.It was so hard not masturbating a second time as I quivered beneath their shameful looks.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clint Elliston“It was so awesome, Clint,” Alicia said, bouncing as she sat across from me at the table in the school's cafeteria, Melody at her side. “Oh, wait until you see the vid. They said such mean things to her, and she just came harder.”“Can't wait,” I said then smiled as Pam sat down beside me.Like a good girlfriend, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips.Alicia went still. “Big brother?”“I'm dating Pam now,” I told her, arm going around Pam's shoulder. I liked that. I wished I could do it to other girls. “But I still love you, Princess.”“She's his disguise,” Melody said. “People are starting to whisper about me and him being so close. But look around. People are learning they're dating. They jogged side-by-side during PE. It was cute.”Alicia nibbled on her roll.“She understands,” I told my little sister. “Right, Pam?”“I'm his concubine,” Pam said. “You're his princess, and Melody is the queen.” Pam smiled. “I...I like the idea of sharing him.”“Oh,” Alicia said, swallowing.“Trust me, Princess. You do, right? Good girls trust their big brothers. I don't want another fit from you.”She gave a guilty flush then gave me a smile. “I trust you. Always. And you...” Her eyes brimmed with desperate hope.“Yes, I love you. Pam doesn't change that. But you need to be careful. People are around us.”“That's why he has Pam,” Melody said.I turned to Pam. My heart raced as I leaned I, kissing her on the lips like I had wanted to with Melody so many times in the lunch room. Someone whooped behind us, and Pam pulled away, blushing sweetly.And then I spotted Zoey and her redheaded best friend Stefani walking by.“Hey, Sis,” I grinned. “Why don't you join us?”Lee darted by Zoey, sitting down to my right, her food steaming on her tray. “Boy, I'm starved.”I ignored her, staring at Zoey, arching an eyebrow. She blinked at Pam, then she rushed over to us, leaving the sexy redhead behind. My sister's large tits bounced in her tight blouse, and that cameltoe was so delicious. “So you are dating Pam. What about...?”“Me?” Melody asked. “It's fine. I don't mind sharing Clint. And it's not like we can date openly.”Zoey looked around the table, Lee digging into her food, Alicia nibbling on her roll. She shook her head. “What is going on with this family?”“Clint,” Lee said between bites, her words slurred. “He's the man of the house now.”The color faded from Zoey's cheeks. Her eyes flicked from me to Alicia then to Lee before returning back to me.I nodded. “Plenty of room at the table for my sexy, older sister.”Her nipples were two hard points thrusting at the front of her blouse.She fled.“She's getting closer,” Alicia smiled. “Then I'll have two big sisters to love.”Melody giggled, “Pam, you can stop staring at Zoey's ass with your mouth open.”Beside me, Pam started, closing her mouth and blushing. “Those jeans... I could see her...” She lowered her voice. “Pussy.”“Zoey always has a cameltoe,” I groaned. “She's a tease that way. Good thing I have a sexy virgin's cherry to pop after school.”“Wonderful,” Lee groaned, her hair still damp from PE. My last class before lunch was World History, and I had such a hard time focusing on Aunt Vicky's lecture while thinking about her daughter obeying my commands at the same moment in PE. “You'll love it, Pam. Guess you're part of the family.”“I guess so.” Pam shifted. “Oh, I spoke to my mom. She is excited to meet you. She says she can interview the three of you for the jobs after school tomorrow.”“It'll be fun meeting your mom after I've popped your cherry,” I grinned.Pam blushed again, smiling, nodding.The rest of the day sucked. My dick was so hard, eager to break in my girlfriend's pussy. I liked that. I had my queen, my princess, my concubine, my mommy slut, my aunt slut, and my sister slut. What would Zoey be? My sister lover? My mistress.I smiled. My sister mistress.After lunch I suffered through Engineering, Math, and Computer Science. I shared that last class with Zoey. She sat at the far end of the room from me. Every time I felt eyes, I would glance over just in time to see her look away.I had her. She wanted to be my slut so badly. Now she just had to stop being stubborn and surrender. Fucking her would be glorious.The moment class ended, she bolted from the room before I could say anything. I let her flee. She couldn't run from her desires forever. I packed up my books and headed out of the classroom. Pam and Melody waited out front. Pam came to me, giving me a rather chaste kiss.So I put my hands on her ass and kissed her hard. I wanted everyone to see me kiss her. The one woman of mine I could love in public. My heart raced faster and faster. I did have a crush on her. Melody had won my affection, but Pam...Maybe I could love three women?“Dude, did you see it? She masturbated in fucking gym class,” a guy walking by said to his friend, holding up his phone.. “Fuck, I have got to nail her. Look at those tits, man. If a girl is that slutty, you know she'll put out.”Lee appeared on his heels, a huge grin on her face. “I am so popular. You should see the things being said about me on Facebook. I have to masturbate so badly, Master. Their words are so terrible. So insulting. I'm such a freak, Sir.”“Later,” I told her. “Pam needs her cherry popped and Melody her pussy licked.”“What about me, big brother?” Alicia skipped up, backpack's straps bouncing on her shoulders.“I think Lee can take care of you. Let's get home.”Pam, it turned out, had a car. We piled into it, Pam handing over the keys to me. She sat in the back between Alicia and Lee while Melody rode shotgun. She was my queen. I had to resist the urge to speed home. But even doing the speed limit—okay, I sped a bit—we were there in minutes and pulling into the driveway. I wasn't shocked to see Zoey's car absent. I bet she was at Stefani's.Another girl that I would love to fuck.Melody squeezed my cock through my jeans. “Damn, Clint is like iron. Let's go.”“Yes,” Alicia moaned. “I have to pee so bad, Lee. Let's hurry. Bathroom.”“Yes, Mistress,” Lee moaned.The two giggling girls raced ahead, Lee practically battering down the front door to get in. I slid out and held out my arms to my two women. Pam on my left, Melody on my right. They took them, and we strolled into the house, Lee's squeals echoing as footsteps pounded up the stairs.I took my two women to the master bedroom. There, the three of us kissed. I had them both pressed against me, our lips meeting, tongues swapping. I groaned, my hands stroking down to grip both their asses as we moved to the bed. We fell on it, both girls squirming. Pam was shy but excited as she kissed me, Melody hauling off her tights.Then Pam was pulling down Melody's jeans and panties in one go. The Japanese girl kissed Melody's blonde landing strip, working lower and lower until she nuzzled at my half-sister's pussy, her tongue licking through folds.“Damn,” I groaned, hauling off Pam's panties, leaving on her skirt. Her bush was thick and wiry, hiding her pussy. I leaned in, nuzzling at her tart pussy.“Oh, yes, eat my pussy,” moaned Melody. “Oh, Clint, she's licking her first pussy.”“It's a good one to start with,” I groaned. “My first.”Pam shivered and moaned as I licked her tart folds, her pubic hair caressing my cheeks. I probed my tongue through her pussy, nuzzling, touching, brushing her hymen. My dick throbbed. I had taken Melody's, Alicia's, and Lee's cherries.I was eager for number four.Melody's moans rose while Pam's hips wiggled. My tongue slid through her folds. My dick ached in my boxers and jeans, but I didn't care. I wanted Pam to cum hard, to be ready for my cock, dripping wet for me.And I loved eating pussy. It was delicious.My tongue licked from her clit to her maidenhead, caressing her over and over while my fingers stroked her thighs. She wiggled her hips back into me, moaning as she devoured Melody's pussy. My half-sister groaned, the bed creaking as she humped Pam's face.“That's it, just like that,” moaned Melody. “That's how you eat pussy. Mmm, you are a natural, Pam. Just a natural. Damn, I'm glad you're our girlfriend.”“Our?” I asked.“I think that would be hot, huh? Sometimes she's on my arm, sometimes yours. I don't care if people think I'm a lesbian or Pam's bi. If I can't be on your arm, Clint, than I need someone. And I can't be a guy.”“Damn,” I groaned and licked again.“Everyone knows I'm a tomboy anyways.”“I would love to be your girlfriend, too. Your concubine.” Pam shivered as I licked through her pussy, her next words so throaty. “This is what I fantasized about.”“Damn,” I groaned, licking harder, my dick aching so hard.I concentrated on her clit, assaulting it with my tongue. I wanted her to explode. I wanted her to gasp and moan and shudder on the bed, to scream out her pleasure. I sucked on it. Nipped it. She moaned, wiggling her hips.Her tart juices flowed. I breathed in her musk. Her soft hairs caressed my lips and chin as I devoured her. I had made Lee shave her twat bald—everyone in school talked about her performance—but I wanted Pam natural. This was so sexy. Asian girls should have hairy twats.“Clint,” Pam moaned. She shivered, shuddering, her hips wiggling against me. “Oh, yes, Clint.”I sucked hard on her clit. I nipped it. She squeaked and gasped. Her ass clenched beneath my squeezing hands. And then I heard her moans. That orgasmic passion rippling out of her mouth, throaty with the pleasure I gave her.“Clint, Clint, yes!”“That's it,” moaned Melody. “Cum on his mouth. Oh, yes you are such a naughty slut. Mmm, time to get your cherry popped and get you bred.”“Bred?” Pam gasped.“On your back,” I groaned, rising, unbuckling my pants and pulling my cock out of my boxers.As Pam rolled over, I ripped off my shirt. Melody pulled off Pam's blouse then unhooked her bra. Round, olive breasts topped with small dark nipples appeared. I groaned, squeezing them while Melody stripped the rest of the way off and straddled Pam's face.Melody ground her pussy on our girlfriend's face. Pam moaned, licking her tongue through Melody's folds. My cock throbbed. I rubbed it on Pam's virgin pussy, savoring how hot and silky she felt. I pressed forward, her hymen stretching.“Pop her cherry and breed her, Clint,” moaned Melody.“Beg, Pam,” I groaned. “Beg for my cock to make you a woman. Beg for my seed to flood your cunt.”Melody lifted her pussy, Pam's lips glistening. Her slanted eyes flicked down, finding mine. “Pop my cherry and breed me! You made me cum so hard! Please, please!”How could I deny her what she wanted?My hips thrust. My cock pressed on her maidenhead. Her cherry popped.“Fuck,” I grunted as my cock slid into virgin depths.It was a special, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Never again would Pam's cunt be virgin. Never again would my dick get the delight of breaking in her sheath, to feel her flesh stretching about its first dick, the hot friction, the wet silk embracing my dick. I groaned, shuddering, staring into Melody's hazel eyes.“Yes,” she smiled. “Yes, enjoy her cunt, Clint. Enjoy her.”Pam only groaned, voice muffled by Melody's pussy grinding on her lips.I drew back, Pam's hot flesh clinging to my dick. The friction was incredible. I shuddered. Pleasure shot through me. My hands gripped her hips as I drove back into her once-pure depths, making her gasp and moan. Melody leaned forward, hands grasping my shoulders as I fucked our girlfriend.My sister kissed me hard on the mouth. I groaned, fucking Pam harder, driving my cock deeper and faster into her snatch. Our tongues dueled. I moaned into her kiss. We shared this sexy Asian delight. And she shared us.Pam moaned between licks, her pussy clenching about my cock and her hips moving, bucking into my strokes. Her depths were so hot and wet. It was heaven. I kissed Melody harder, one hand grabbing her round breast, the other's Pam.They both were firm, Melody's a little larger. My palm rubbed on their nipples, both girls moaning, shuddering. Pam licked and devoured Melody. I could hear the juicy fervor of her tongue pleasuring my queen.I broke the kiss while Alicia, in the bathroom, screamed out with orgasmic delight.“Love that sound,” moaned Melody. “And I love your tongue, Pam. Oh, yes, fuck it into my pussy. Just like Clint's fucking that huge cock into your cunt.”“So huge,” Pam groaned. “I can't believe I took it all. I was so scared until he ate my pussy.”I squeezed Pam's tit. “You're so tight. You tasted so good. I'm going to dump so much cum into your pussy. I'm going to breed you. You and Melody will be pregnant together.”Pam's pussy clenched hard on my dick. She moaned loudly.The friction only made me thrust harder and harder. My balls thwacked into her flesh. I kissed Melody again, pinching her nipple. She moaned and gasped so loudly on Pam's face. She trembled, groaning, grinding across our Asian concubine's face.I thrust my tongue so hard into Melody's mouth, pounding Pam's pussy. The bed rocked and creaked. Her thighs clenched around my waist as hard as her pussy clenched around my cock. The friction was intense, burning through me.Melody broke the kiss, her blonde braid dancing as she screamed out, “Pam, you pussy-licking slut! Yes!”My sister came.Her moans were beautiful, echoing through the room. Her fingers clenched into my shoulders. Pam shivered, her pussy spasming about my cock. She moaned into my sister's snatch. I made my concubine cum. My dick made her pussy explode.“Shit,” I grunted. “Take it, Pam! Take it all!”“Breed her,” moaned Melody, her back arching.“Yes!” Pam moaned, voice muffled and throaty.I drove my dick into her spasming pussy. I savored the embrace of her cunt. And I exploded into her depths. Blast after blast of my cum spurted into her pussy. I shuddered with each one, savoring her milking flesh. I squeezed both girl's tits, my hands savoring their flesh. My balls emptied.I gasped for breath, buzzing with bliss. “Pam, you're mine. I'm not letting you go.”“Good,” she moaned.“You're ours,” Melody smiled, hips undulating. “Mmm, I bet you can lick me to another orgasm.”I grinned. “I bet you can lick her to one, too.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zoey EllistonI trembled as I sat in my car, my hands working over and over on the steering wheel. For almost an hour, I sat parked at the end of the street staring at the large chestnut tree growing in my front yard. I saw Clint arrive with Pam, Alicia, and our cousins. They all went inside.Was it an orgy in there? Was Clint really fucking them all. A part of me was desperate to go in there and find out, to see if Clint really was the man of the house.The other part twisted with guilt. He wasn't Dad, but... But I wanted him to be. Stefani was right.Shivering, not sure what I would do, I turned the key in the ignition and put my car into drive. I pulled forward. Should I go home or flee to Stefani's?To be continued...

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