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and never have久青草无码视频在线播放

All characters in the following story are fictional characters, and the events in the story are also purely fictional. Enjoy.— —Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Christopher, but everyone calls me Chris. I prefer Chris, actually, to my full name. Anyway, I'm pretty much your average 16-year-old guy. Raging hormones, obsessed with working out, obsessed with girls, generally just horny all the time. I'm about 5' 9" to 6' or so tall, and weight about 160 pounds. I'm not fat at all, which obviously means that much of that weight is muscle. So yes, I'll admit, I'm a bit of fitness junkie. But I don't just do it to get muscle, I do it because I enjoy living healthily and it generally is the way that I release stress and unwind.My own house comes equipped with a treadmill and the odd dumbbell in my room in terms of fitness equipment, so there's not really much I can do at my own house that requires equipment. And I've never wanted to join a gym because they're so expensive and I can't stand being around that many people, it kind of grosses me out. Luckily for me, I have an Aunt and Uncle, on my Dad's side, that live not fifteen minutes away from my house. And since I have my own car, it's really easy for me to just drive over there. The reason I'm lucky is because they have an entire room in their house devoted to fitness. There's an elliptical, stair-step, treadmill, pull-up bar, squat station, bench press bench, and even one of those all-in-one deals that has the weights that you can select using that little rod you slide into the holes. The Aunt and Uncle are really great people, and allow me to go over there pretty much any time to use their equipment and work out. They also have a pool, which is a great way for me to cool down after a long workout or a particularly hot day.My cousins in that family number three. The eldest is a guy already in college, the middle is also a guy who just graduated high school, and the youngest is a girl who is a year younger than me. The girl's name is Bailey. She has black hair that's naturally curly and frizzy, but she often straightens it. The hair is also unbelievably soft to the touch, and silky too. Her face is angular yet soft, and worthy of supermodel status. So is the rest of her by the way. She does lots of dancing, and has an extremely lithe and athletic form. She's not yet fully developed and so her curves aren't full woman status, but they're enough to look good. She has high B cup boobs, almost C cups, that are perfectly round and firm. Her ass, like her curves, is not huge, but is nicely shaped and firm. In a word, smackable. Generally, she is just one of those girls you have to remind yourself to keep from leaving your mouth hanging open around. Drop dead gorgeous.Sure, I've noticed that she's hot, who wouldn't? But I don't, and never have, really thought about having sex with her or anything like that. We have a really good relationship because she is the closest in age to me of the three cousins, and we share similar personalities and interests. We always have a good time together, and usually end up in laughing fits that leave us both gasping for air. If she were any girl other than my cousin, I would totally be chasing her and trying to get with her.Anyways, the way that I think about her changed completely after what happened a few days ago.— —To set a time frame, it's about the middle of the summer holidays right now. I will be going into my Junior year, and she into her Sophomore year. So a couple of days ago, I felt like going over to my cousin's house to work out in their fitness room. I had been running and surfing the past couple of days, and felt like I wanted to do some weight and muscle building stuff. I vaguely remembered something about them all going out to a movie, and so nobody would be at the house except for their maid.When I got to the house, I rang the doorbell and the maid let me in, smiling and friendly as always. I like her a lot. I grabbed a towel from the closet down the hall, and headed over to the fitness room. As expected, I didn't see any of them walking about the house, or hear them for that matter. The way the house was situated, the fitness room was on the left wing and all the bedrooms were on the right wing, just remember that because it becomes important later on.I went into the fitness room and began my work out. I worked out for about and hour and a half, doing everything from jogging a little on the treadmill, to doing pull-ups, and even some leg presses. At the end of it I was completely exhausted, and needed a shower. There was a shower in every bedroom of the house, but I preferred to use the one in the bathroom shared by the two older brothers's bedrooms. The doors to their respective bedrooms are right across the hall from the door to my younger cousin Bailey's room.As I was walking past the entrance hall to the bedroom wing of the house, I noticed something I'd missed when I walked in. Bailey's phone and her favorite purse were on the entrance hall table. Now she is a typical teenage girl, and doesn't go ANYWHERE without her precious iPhone, so I figured it meant that she was in fact in the house, and had not gone to the movies with her family. I also wasn't that surprised that she hadn't come out from her room, which is where I assumed she was, to say hello to me. It was quite possible that she just hadn't heard me enter the house at all, her room is fairly naturally soundproofed.As I said above, I like my cousin and enjoy her company, we have a good relationship. So, obviously, I wanted to go say hello to her. I began heading towards the bedrooms again, turning right down the hall. Eventually I arrived at the bedroom door marked "Bailey." Yeah, all the cousins have super decorated bedroom doors. Lame right? I want that on my door :-lAs I was about to knock on the door, I heard a strange sound. It sounded almost like a soft moan. I pressed my ear to the door and listened carefully. Nothing for a while...still nothing...nothing...wait, there it is again. And know I knew it was definitely a moan. I wasn't really thinking clearly due to my exhaustion from the workout, and so though somewhere along the lines of "oh my god, maybe she's seriously hurt and in pain or something!" I immediately went for the door handle. Before I put my hand on it, I reconsidered. This was still Bailey's room, and she's a girl. Usually, even more than with guys, you want to knock on a girl's door before you open it to her bedroom. Chicks get super weird about privacy and stuff.Now, I don't know why I did this, but instead of knocking on the door, some part of my exhausted brain coerced me to look through the keyhole. None of the cousins actually locked their doors, meaning that there was no key blocking the large, old-fashioned key hole. It provided a really clear view of most of the room. I crouched down in front of Bailey's door and put my right eye to the keyhole. Her bed was right on the other side of the room from the door, and so I could see it clearly through the key hole. What I saw on the bed caused me to nearly audibly gasp, which would have given away my golden position right away.Lying on the bed, wearing nothing but socks and a tight tank top, was Bailey. And she was clearly masturbating. Evidently I had arrived when she was already quite a ways into the process, because she was already squirming on the bed and gyrating her hips a little. I noticed that her eyes were closed in bliss, and she was biting her lower lip in what I though an extremely cute way.One of her hands was down between her legs, alternating between rubbing along her young pussy slit and fingering herself. The other hand was shoved underneath her shirt and fondling her breasts. Her breathing was getting louder and louder, the breaths a little ragged and throaty. As I continued to watch, she apparently decided that the tank top was a nuisance, and sat up to take it off. She then lay right back down, horizontally along the bed as she had been, so perpendicular to my vision, and continued to finger herself while the other hand caressed all over her upper body. After a minute or two, she reached over under one of the pillows on the windowsill couch next to her bed and pulled out a bright pink vibrator. It was quite long, at least it appeared to be from where I was looking, and was ribbed. She proceeded to turn the vibrator on.Bailey kept fingering and playing with her young, 15-year-old pussy as she took the vibrator to one of her nipples. Tracing small circles around her nipple, she began to softly moan again, just as I had heard when I first walked up to the door. Then she began to trace around the other nipple, her breathing slowly starting to get louder and filled with more stops and gasping. Her mouth was now open in pleasure, nostrils flared and eyes screwed shut.She suddenly stopped, sat up, and twisted around so her back was on the pillows at the head of her bed, her legs were spread wide open, she was slightly reclined, and facing me. She then moved the vibrator down to her completely shaven pussy. As I noticed it was shaven, I thought to myself "what a naughty little girl Bailey, shaving your pussy like that." Was she perhaps more grown up than I had previously thought?Bailey gasped and let out her loudest moan yet as she lightly touched the tip of the pink vibrator to her clitoris. Then she slowly traced the tip down her beautiful slit. I could see know that the vibrator wasn't truly that big. It was medium thickness, and about 5 or 6 inches long. As I continued to watch, Bailey slipped the vibrator into her soaking wet pussy. I noticed that she wasn't pushing it in very far which, to me, indicated that she was probably a virgin and didn't want to pop her own cherry.Bailey was obviously getting closer and closer to climax now. Her breath was coming exclusively in short, desperate gasps. Her legs were shaking a little, and she shuddered with each breath. Suddenly she screwed her eyes shut even tighter and began to really shake all over. The vibrator had stopped moving in and out of her hole, and her mouth was wide open,啊~cao死你个小sao货视频 silently mouthing words that I couldn't hear because she was in too much ecstasy to actually make a sound. Finally Bailey uttered a loud and guttural moan, and then let out a gigantic sigh. As she did this, her eyes opened.I almost fell back in surprise as they opened to look directly at the keyhole. My immediate thought was of panic, she had seen me! I quickly but quietly got up and sprinted out of the house, got in my car, and drove home, my blissful shower completely forgotten. That night I could barely sleep with all the worries and questions flying through my head. I had no idea my cousin Bailey was that sensual. She was even hotter in my eyes now. Was I thinking of her sexually now? Had she seen me? There was no way, no way at all she could have seen me through the keyhole. Was there?Oh shit.— —A few days later...I was lying on my bed reading a book, one of my favorite pass times besides, you know, working out. The book is called Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It's actually quite an incredible book, and is a true story that will blow your mind. I strongly recommend it. Anyways, I was reading more than usual those last couple of days since I saw Bailey playing with herself. I was trying not to think about it, but eventually I couldn't escape it. After a couple of days to think on the incident, I had decided that she most probably had not seen me, and that it was simply a scary coincidence. And I continued to tell myself that, trying to convince the part of my brain telling me it wasn't true. Still, I couldn't get rid of that nagging suspicion that she had somehow seen me. If she had though, why didn't Bailey do anything? I mean, I would expect most girls to freak out and scream at their boy cousin if they caught him perving out on them.As I was again lost in these thoughts, I was shaken out of my trance by the small beep from my phone signaling a text. It was from Bailey. I braced myself, took a deep breath, and opened the message.Bailey: Hey cuz! I haven't seen you in weeks! How've you been?Whew, big load off my chest there.Chris: Hey Bales, I'm good thanks. Just been chilling a lot and enjoying not having to do schoolwork :-)Bailey: Same, I've been spending tons of time in my room ;-) You know, watching Netflix and stuff, trying to escape from my brothers.What the hell did that winky face mean?Chris: Haha, sounds like a tough life. So what's up?Bailey: I was wondering if you want to come over for a sleepover?Now, I know what you're all probably thinking. Cousins of the opposite sex having a sleepover together, WEIRD. But for me, that was actually quite normal. You see, ever since I was little, I would go over ever now and then to my cousins's house, or they would come to mine, and we would have sleepovers together. You know, play games, watch TV shows, legos, little kid stuff. As we got older, it became more teenage type things like just chatting, watching movies, gossiping a little (Bailey more than her brothers and I). Something else that came with getting older was that we no longer all slept over in the same room. I would always sleep in the same room as the brothers and Bailey would sleep on her own, she didn't mind though, she likes her privacy sometimes. We hadn't had one in a while.Chris: Sure thing cuz! Sounds fun, who's gonna be there?Bailey: Only me :-(. My parents will be out overnight for my Dad's golfing trip, and my brothers are going with them. I decided not to go so I could stay and hang with friends. But we can still have fun.Chris: Of course we can. And wow, I'm your friend. Such an honor ;-)Bailey: Oh shut up :-PChris: Is it cool if I come over at like 5 or so?Bailey: Sure thing Chris, see ya then!This was fine...yeah...fine. But I still felt nervous about it. What if she tried to confront me? How do I even feel about her now? Probably best not to think about it. So I didn't.At 5PM I packed an overnight bag and drove over to Bailey's house. She opened the door, and I almost started drooling. Not that she was trying to look sexy, but she had obviously recently come back from dance practice, and you know how dance girls dress for practice. She was wearing those sweatpants that are somehow big and cuddly yet show of her ass at the same time. Then she was wearing one of those loose tops that bare one shoulder, clearly showing her lacy pink bra. Maybe this was going to be harder than I originally thought."Hey Chris! Come in, come in. Drop your bag in the hallway and then come to the kitchen. I have a surprise for you."Okay"As she brushed past me towards the kitchen, and I went for the hall, I caught a whiff of her scent. It was intoxicating, one of those girl smells you can't really describe or assign to any object, but that just makes you think of warm and cuddly things. Sexy things too... I dropped my bag off in the hall and then went to the kitchen."Surprise doofus! I got Toll House for us!"All my worries were suddenly swept away. Ever since we were little kids, Bailey and my favorite thing to do together was get those tubes of Toll House cookie dough and make chocolate chip cookies. We would then settle down in front of the TV and watch a movie or something while eating our delicious treats with warm milk. There was no better thing in the world for me. And, yes, we did sneak the occasional taste of the raw dough. Sue me."You didn't! You're the best Bailey. We haven't done this in ages.""I know, I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do. I'll start putting the dough on the tray, you preheat the oven.""You got it."I walked over and set the oven to start heating up, then went back to the counter. As I approached Bailey leaning over the table, I couldn't help but glance down her loose shirt. And her boobs looked mouth watering in that bra, I could almost see one of her nipples. Then I mentally slapped myself. This was my COUSIN! I can’t be thinking about her this way, especially because we have such a great friendship.She looked up at me from what she was doing, not seeming to have noticed where I had been looking. She did however, see that my face was looking a little worried from my thoughts.“What’s wrong Chris?”“Huh? Oh…oh nothing don’t worry about it.”“Are you sure? You looked kind of torn up about something.”“Yeah I’m sure, thanks Bailey.”She grudgingly went back to putting the little circles of dough on the oven tray. And I attempted to return to my earlier good mood. The oven beeped in the background of my swimming thoughts, signaling it had finished pre-heating.“Okay sounds like it’s ready. Can you stick the tray in please Chris?”“Sure thing.”I grabbed the tray, and put it in the oven. Fast forward through the baking process: Bailey and I were now sitting in front of the TV in the living room watching Sky High, one of our favorite movies. She was sitting kind of close, but I didn’t think much of it. I was too busy enjoying eating my cookies and milk. Sometimes it’s good to let the little kid out of you.The credits started rolling for the movie, so I grabbed both our glasses and plates and took them back to the kitchen. Then I walked back into the living room.“Hey Bailey, I’m feeling really wiped out, so I think I’m gonna turn in.”“Aww, you’re no fun. It’s only like 10PM Chris, we have to stay up at least past midnight for it to count as a good sleepover.”She had this big, pleading look in her eyes that I just couldn’t resist.“Oh fine. Do you want to watch another movie then?”“Nah, there’s this really cool TV show I started watching on Netflix. I think you’ll like it.”“Uh, okay.”“We can watch it on my bed, it’s the warmest one in the house.”I would have thought this a little strange. I mean, she was asking to me be on her bed with her when we were alone in the house together, even the maid had gone home for the weekend. But the way she phrased it didn’t make it seem like such a big deal. Besides, it was unusually cold for where we lived, and I hadn’t brought anything warm with me.“Okay, let’s go cuz.”She twirled around, her cute hair flashing past my face. Once again I caught that mesmerizing scent. Oh man, I had a bad feeling about this. But I chose to ignore it. What was the worst that could happen. She hadn’t yet said anything about earlier that week when I saw her, and so my mind was a little more at ease.We got to her room and she placed her laptop on the bed.“Chris I’m just going to quickly change into my PJs okay? You can change in the corner and I’ll change in the other corner. But no peeking okay? Promise?”I nodded my head, trying to hide the growing hard-on in my pants. I went over the corner and quickly took off my shorts and threw on some baggy sweatpants. I kept the same shirt on, guy pajama style.Obviously I had finished much quicker than her because when I asked her if she was done, she said no. But now I felt the urge to peek. No Chris! You can’t be doing this with your cousin. You don’t want to see her naked. Oh fuck but I did, I wanted to see her naked body so badly. So I let my hormones win, and slowly turned my head.She had put a tight pink tank top on, and was in the process of taking her panties off. Hmm…so she sleeps commando, I thought, sexy. No! Oh whatever, they’re just thoughts right? Just looking right? No harm done. So I continued to stare as her tight little ass popped into view. I could also see her bra lying on the ground, so she must be wearing nothing under the tank either. I thought it was a little strange though, how much she was popping out her but when taking the panties off. It was wiggling from side to side a little more than necessary, almost like she was putting on a show for me. Shit! Did she somehow know I was looking? I quickly turned back to face the wall, just in case.“All done Chris! You can look now, it’s safe.”But she might as well have been naked for all I cared. Her nipples were standing out proudly, pressing against the tight fabric of her pink tank top. And she had put some sort of tight spandex booty shorts on as her PJ bottoms. They clearly outlined her pussy, leaving little to the imagination. And when she turned around and bent down to pick up her dance stuff and throw it in her hamper, I had to bite my lip to keep myself under control. Her ass looked incredibly juicy in those shorts.She turned back from her hamper with a smile on her face. I waited for her to get on the bed first, just to see what I could do. She hopped right under the covers on the left side of her double bed, placing the laptop between her and where I would be lying on the right.I walked over to the bed and lay down on top of the covers next to the laptop, making myself comfortable.“Oh come on Chris,” said Bailey. “I’m your cousin, not the principle. You can hop under the covers if you like.”“Ummm…uh…are you sure?”“Yeah, why wouldn’t you? It’s freaking freezing.”“Well then you chose an interesting length of clothing.”She blushed a little. “These are comfortable okay?! And my bed is super warm so I would actually get too hot in anything warmer.”“Haha point taken. Fine.”I pulled back the covers and hopped in. She turned up the volume and began to play whatever TV series she was watching, I can’t even remember the name.She had not been lying, her bed was insanely warm. And super comfortable too. I could feel my eyelids growing heavy, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when falling asleep was creeping over my body. I thought to myself, she’ll wake me up when she wants to go to bed so I can go to the guy’s room across the hall.But she never did.— — Thanks for reading! Sorry to leave you with a cliffhanger, but I want to make this a few parts long. Please leave feedback below. Part 2 will be up tomorrow, if not a little earlier.