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big brother俱乐部换娇妻大杂交

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big brother俱乐部换娇妻大杂交

Incestuous HaremChapter Fourteen: Brother's DominationBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017Melody SamuelsThe doorbell rang. A shiver ran through me, my nipples hardening in my shirt. Today would be awesome. Alicia burst from the breakfast table where Clint, Lee, and I waited. Beside Alicia, we were the last ones still home. Mom, Zoey, and Aunt Cheryl had already left while we waited for Pam and her car.A giddy rush shot through me. I had a girlfriend. I shared her with Clint, and that was so hot. She was sexy and submissive, a delicious, Japanese beauty with slanted eyes, pale-olive skin, and silky-black hair. Maybe I had inherited my father's Asian fetish.Clint surely had.Alicia's brown pigtails flew behind her as she darted for the door, her feet, clad in pink tights that rose up her slim legs and vanished beneath a short, frilly skirt. She looked younger than her eighteen years, her backpack bouncing. She vanished through the kitchen. A moment later, the front door opened.“Clint, your girlfriend's here,” she sang out. “I'm going to kiss her!”“Kiss my girlfriend?” Clint gasped in mock shock as he stood, scooping up his book bag. My younger sister Lee flashed me a naughty smile. She stood up, too, slinging her backpack over her shoulder, letting it hang on the verge of falling off. I snagged mine, followed, and loved the sight that welcomed us. Pam, only a few inches taller than Alicia, kissing my sexy half-sister.Alicia did it with enthusiasm, her hands clutching Pam's cheeks. My girlfriend shivered then broke the kiss, gasping, “Clint.”“Kissing my little princess?” Clint asked in mock shock. “I can't believe this, Pam.”She shifted, hugging herself, her slanted eyes wide behind her glasses. I rolled my eyes and then punched Clint on the shoulder. “Don't tease her.”Pam blinked then her cheeks darkened. “Oh. Well...I...I liked it, Clint. Your little sister is so cute.”Alicia beamed, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She just looked cute enough to eat. Then Clint grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her in for a kiss, one hand grabbing her ass with a possessive grip, digging into her butt-cheek. She melted against him, eyes closed, hands on his strong chest.“Morning,” Clint said, breaking the kiss. Pam's eyes fluttered, her hips shifting more.“Mmm,” she sighed.Then I went in to kiss our girlfriend on the lips. I seized her cheeks and planted a greedy kiss on her lips. My fingers stroked her cheeks as our lips worked together. They were wet and hot and just delicious to taste. I brushed my nose against hers as I broke the kiss, a shiver going through me. “So, ready for after school?” I asked her. “I can't wait.”“Yes,” Pam said with gushing enthusiasm. “I actually had to masturbate before falling asleep last night. I just couldn't stop thinking about my mom. She's so beautiful.”“Someone's caught the incest bug,” giggled Lee.Pam's blush darkened. God, she was cute. “It was...interesting seeing your family interacting.”“Interesting?” Clint asked, putting his arm around Pam, arching an eyebrow, his face stern.“Hot,” she answered, her nipples hardening, pressing on her blouse. “Sexy, arousing, amazing, taboo, hot. I want it. With mom. The way you all act together. You're so close.”“And you're going to lick your mom's pussy,” Clint said. “Then I'll fuck her. Then you'll get to lick her pussy again.”“Full of his cum,” Lee added.“She knew that,” I said, shaking my head at her. “Big brother,” Alicia said, rocking on her heels. “We should go. School will be starting soon.”“Relax,” Lee said. “It's not going anywhere.”“Yeah, let's go.” Clint's hand smacked out, landing on Lee's ass hard. “And you, stop being a brat.”“Yes, Master,” Lee said, beaming. She seized Alicia's hand and pulled her out the door, racing to Pam's car.The rest of us followed after, Pam handing Clint the keys. I went to go for the passenger door—I was his queen, the head woman of the harem. He gave me a grin as we climbed in. A shiver ran through me as his eyes slid down to the tight shirt I wore, my nipples clearly outlined. I had abandoned wearing bras.I felt so exposed, my shirt so tight, molding to my nineteen-year-old breasts. It was like I was showing them off while remaining clothed. Every guy and girl could see how round and firm they were. The guys wanted to touch them, squeeze them, and couldn't. My tits were all Clint's. The only guy who would ever touch them.But any girls watching were welcome to come up and give them a squeeze.“What?” I asked as I went to put on my seatbelt.He reached over, stopping me. “I think you look horny, Melody. You had to watch me fuck Zoey and didn't get off at all.”“Nope,” Lee said, sliding into the back with Pam and Alicia. “None of us did, Master. It was so hot. Especially when you both ate the banana covered in my pussy juices while fucking Zoey.”“Really?” Pam asked.“Balanced breakfast,” I grinned, looking back at Pam as she sat between Alicia and Lee. “Fruit and cream,” Clint laughed, his hand stroking my thighs through my jeans. “So I think you have a hot pussy right now.”“So hot,” I groaned. “Mistress always has a hot pussy,” Lee giggled. “Every woman in the family does.”“My cunny is so tingly right now, Big Brother,” Alicia moaned, squirming her tights-clad thighs together. “Why don't you masturbate,” Clint said. It wasn't a question. “Unzip those jeans and shove your hands in.”“Sure,” I shuddered, his eyes so hot as he took control.“And don't forget to play with those tits,” he added. “Oh, yes, I love playing with my tits when I masturbate,” I purred, unsnapping my jeans. The zipper rasped down, revealing the sea-green panties I wore. I shoved one hand under my shirt to squeeze a round breast while the other went down into my panties.I groaned, stroking the blonde landing strip to my hot, wet folds. I rubbed them as I leaned back in my seat, groaning. It was so wonderful to touch them while Clint watched, his eyes burning, a grin on his strong lips.“Shirts in the way. Take it off. I can't see what you're doing.”“But... people will see her breasts as we drive,” gasped Pam.“Yep,” Clint said and started up the car.I peeled my shirt off, my breasts bouncing out. Clint drove the car forward, turning onto our residential street. I draped my t-shirt across my lap and set about masturbating. I grabbed a hard, dusky nipple, rolling and stretching it. Delicious shivers raced down to my pussy. My hand shoved back into my panties, finding my wet snatch. I rubbed it, shivering in delight while my youthful breasts jiggled as Clint drove over a speed bump.I groaned, feeling so juicy. A jogger on the sidewalk glanced over and did a double-take as we drove past. I smiled, loving the fact she got an eyeful of barely legal tits. My pussy clenched, heat racing, pumping excitement as we reached the stop sign at the end of the street. Clint stopped, signaling.Cars passed. It was a busy street. I groaned, siting up, pinching my nipple harder. I wanted them to see me. To see the breasts that Clint owned, my nubile body that was all his. I wanted them jealous, aching to touch me, begging to have me as their lover.And then denying them.My fingers jammed into my pussy. I groaned, sinking into my hot, silky flesh. Pleasure radiated through me. The delight swept through my body, leaving me dizzy and breathless. I swayed, blinking, my hips undulating. Oh, it felt so good. So wonderful.“They're all seeing my tits,” I moaned. “Oh, god, Clint, it's so hot.”“You're such a perv,” he grinned then glanced to my right. Another jogger approached. “I better let him cross the street before I go. Want to be safe. Don't want to run him over.”“Yes,” I gasped, my pussy clenching down so hard on my plunging fingers. The wet sound filled the car. “Oh, I'm so juicy. Can you hear, Pam? My fingers?”“Yes,” she gasped. “Does this...turn you on?”“So much,” I moaned.“Big sister is a perv,” Alicia giggled.“Oh, god, Clint, he's getting closer and closer.” I arched my back, my breasts bouncing. I pulled on my nipple, stretching out my tit.The jogger slowed. His eyes widened as I stared at him. Suddenly, my window rolled down with a whirl of the power motor. I let out a wanton moan, groaning as I fingered my twat faster and faster. The guy's jaw dropped.Then he smiled. I nodded my head, squirming, moaning. He approached the car at a slow walk.“He's coming closer, Clint,” I panted, my body shuddering.I shoved a third finger into my snatch, stretching my hole out as I writhed and shivered. This was so hot. He was staring at my barely legal tits. He wanted to touch them. To play with them. Clint reached over, gave my tit a possessive squeeze, digging his fingers in.“They're his tits,” I moaned out the window to the jogger. “No touching. But you can look.”“Jesus,” he groaned, stopping at the corner. He pulled out his phone.It flashed.My pussy spasmed on my fingers. He took a picture of my tits. Of Clint's hand squeezing my breast. My back arched. My head snapped back. A powerful explosion burst in the depths of my pussy. The friction of my fingers churned waves of rapture through my body.Flash!My seat creaked as I spasmed and gasped. I opened my lips, moaning in abject pleasure. Clint's fingers found my nipple. Pinching it. Pulling it. Twisting it. Pleasure shot down to my spasming pussy. My fingers plunged in faster. My legs twitched.Flash!“Holy shit,” groaned the guy. “How old are you?”“Nineteen,” Lee shouted from the backseat.“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped.Flash!“Oh, Clint, he's watching me cuuuumm!” I moaned in orgasmic delight. “Oh, yes. Thank you!”Clint grinned and hit the gas. The car turned onto the street as I trembled and moaned, Clint operating it one-handed. He gave my nipple a final squeeze, sending a last wave of bliss through me. I groaned, buzzing with bliss.“There, I think you're all better,” Clint said as I shivered. “Uh-huh,” I panted, the window rolling up beside me. “Mmm, thank you, Clint. Love you so much.”“He gives us what we need,” Lee said in the back. “Big brother is so loving,” Alicia sighed. “Don't you think, Pam?”“Yes,” she answered.I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, shuddering a final time, and looked back. Pam's face was flushed. I grinned and waved my fingers beneath her nose. “See how juicy I am.”“So juicy,” she moaned, seeing the frothy cream. She leaned forward, licked my fingers, savoring the flavor of my pussy. Her face lit out, and she sucked on them. I groaned, shivering, my naked tits bouncing as she cleaned them off one by one.“Fuck,” groaned Clint. “That is hot.”“So glad Pam's our girlfriend. You better reward my mom big time today.”Clint pulled his phone out, swiping the screen while driving one-handed. He opened the app that controlled the vibrator buried in my mom's pussy. Right now, she was walking around our school—she taught History—and was about to get a surprise.He tapped the button. “Just a quick burst to remind her of the fun she'll have.”I laughed, my fingers tingling as Pam sucked on them like minicocks, her cheeks hollowing. Oh, yes, today would be an amazing day.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zoey Elliston“Unisex bathroom, first floor,” Stefani said the moment I parked my car before our school. “Let's go.”“Someone's eager,” I grinned, shivering, my pussy so wet.It held a load of my little brother's cum.“Of course I am,” groaned Stefani. My best friend and lover flew out of my car in an explosion of bouncy, red curls. Before I was even halfway out, she had bounded around the car to my side and seized my hand. “Come on, Yunie, let's go.”Yunie was her nickname for me. It was short for unicorn. I called her Dandi—Dandelion. We had used these pet names since we were kids. I was so close to her. For two years we had been lovers. I thought I was gay because of her.Turned out, I was just waiting for my little brother to become a man and claim me. And, apparently, so was Stefani.“This is so hot,” she groaned, dragging me into the school. We passed other students as they flowed in with us, but not as fast. To them, it was another Tuesday. But for me, it was the start of my new life. Last night, I had succumbed to my lust and joined the rest of the women in my family in Clint's harem.My little brother had a harem. God, it was hot.Stefani dragged me down the hall. I passed Aunt Vicky shivering. I bet Clint was playing with the vibrator in her twat. She had procured him Pam, grooming the Asian girl to be his submissive lover, and now she enjoyed her reward—Clint's complete control over her pussy while she taught classes today.We reached the unisex bathroom. Stefani let out a sigh as when she twisted the handle and it opened. She pulled me in without caring if anyone saw us. The door locked, and then my redheaded lover was on me.She pushed me back against the wall in the small room. It had a urinal, a toilet, and a sink with a mirror above it. Nothing else. The tiles were cool through my shirt as our lips met and our tongues danced, her stud hard against the roof of my mouth. Our hips undulated as we writhed together.She broke the kiss. “Oh, god, Yunie, I have to eat you right now.” Her hands slid beneath my shirt, squeezing my large breasts through my bra. “You have no idea how wet I am?”“Not as wet as I am, Dandi.”“You have a pussy full of your little brother's cum,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Hardly fair. But I would be wetter if you didn't.”I shoved a hand down to her tight jeans. With practiced ease, I unsnapped her fastener and slid into her panties. She was so warm and smooth, shaved like me. I pressed between her thighs and groaned as I felt how hot and wet she was. She was dripping. I shoved two fingers in.She groaned, “Yunie.”“Yeah, you're pretty wet,” I admitted as her pussy clenched on my digits. I pumped in and out of a few times, loving her silky embrace. Then I pulled my fingers out. They dripped in her juices, cream coating my fingers.I brought them to my lips, savoring them. My cheeks hollowed. I groaned, loving her flavor. I wiggled my hips, a shiver of excitement racing through me. She tasted tangy and delicious. I groaned, smacking my lips.“I know, I taste good,” grinned Stefani as she fell to her knees before me. She pushed up my short skirt—a rarity for me to wear—and stroked the bright-red tights I wore beneath. They molded to my body, giving me such a hot cameltoe. “I'm interested in how good you taste with your brother's jizz in you.”Wait,” I said as she hooked the waistband of my tights. “I have to record this so the family can watch it later.”“God, that's kinky.” Stefani's green eyes squeezed shut as she shuddered. “I love your family! Mine's soooooo boring. Just church and boardgames.”I fished out my phone from my purse, tapped in my passcode, and then opened the camera app. I hit recored, staring down at my kneeling lover. It was so strange seeing her smiling up at me through the digital display, almost like this wasn't happening to m. Like I was watching her pull down another girl's tights.Only I could feel those tights' elastic fabric sliding down my legs, uncovering my panties and then my thighs. She rolled the tights down to my knees before pushing my legs apart. She rubbed at the gusset of my thong, pushing the thin fabric into my pussy lips.“God, you're soaked.” She pulled her fingers away, milky white on the tip. She popped it into her mouth, cheeks hollowing as she sucked, moaned. “Oh, god, cum is delicious.”Then she pulled my thong to the side and buried her face into my pussy. I gasped, shuddering, watching her lick my snatch through the phone while feeling her tongue and its hard stud lap through my pussy lips. She was so hungry for my cunt and Clint's cum. She devoured me with such hot, passionate gusto.“Oh, damn, Stefani,” I moaned, my hips undulating, griding on her hot mouth. “Mmm, that's my little brother's jizz you're licking out of my pussy.”Her green eyes sparkled. She spoke muffled words: “So good! Oh, Clint, this is so hot! I hope you cum so hard watching this. Maybe in my pussy.”“Maybe,” I groaned, grinding my hips, rubbing my hot flesh on her hot mouth. Her tongue danced through my folds. “Oh, god, little brother, she's got a tongue stud, and it feels amazing as she swirls it through my pussy searching for your cum.”My words echoed through the room. I shivered, my nipples aching in my bra, my clit throbbing as it brushed Stefani's nose. Her tongue, and its wonderful stud, pressed deep into my snatch. She swirled it around, caressing my pussy walls, making me shiver and gasp. I undulated my hips on her lips. I groaned, loving the pleasure coursing through me.Her hands squeezed my ass, pulling me tight against her hungry mouth. She latched her lips over my pussy hole, sucking. I gasped, my back arching. It was so hard to keep her face in frame. You could see her eyes, the folds of my pussy pressing around her lips, half of my unicorn tattoo on my pudenda, partly hidden by my thong pushed to the side.“Yes, yes, yes, eat my little brother's cum out of my snatch,” I moaned. “That's it, you naughty slut. Oh, you just love it. You just want to devour it. You want to drink every drop of his jizz and my pussy juices!”“So badly, Yunie,” she groaned. “Clint, you have such a sexy older sister. I love her so much. And I love eating her pussy full of your seed! Mmm, incest is the best! Wish I had a brother to put to the test!”“Oh, god, it is,” I groaned, my orgasm building. Her hard tongue stud caressed my sensitive folds. Everywhere she touched me had me shivering and gasping. I wiggled my hips, writhing, grinding on her hot mouth. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me. Her tongue fucked in and out of me as she moaned into my pussy. She was so into it. So turned on by devouring my cunt full of my little brother's cum.And I was immortalizing it. Recording it for posterity.I was making a porno for my little brother.“Dandi!” I gasped, as shiver racing through me. I fought to keep the phone steady. “Yes, yes, yes. I... Fuck!”I came hard. My pussy contracted. Cream gushed out of me into her hungry mouth. She devoured me with noisy moans. Her tongue swiped through my folds, sensitive with my crashing pleasure. I gasped, shivered, bucked into her hungry mouth as the rapture shot through me. Star burst before my eyes. I groaned through clenched teeth as I shuddered against the wall. Her tongue jammed into my convulsing hole, swirling around, sending more rapture through my body. I bucked, gasped, loving every moment of it.“Oh, little brother, I'm cumming so hard on her mouth. So damned hard! This is so hot! Thank you for ordering me to do this.”“Yes,” Stefani moaned.Then she rose, face smeared with pussy juices. I kept the camera on her lips as she moved to kiss me, rotating my wrist. Our lips met. I shivered, loving my tart juices. I groaned, eyes closing. I loved Stefani so much.I was so eager to share her with Clint. And my sisters, my mom, and my Aunt. And even Pam. One big incestuous family, sharing our girlfriends with each other, loving each other. It was so wonderful to be united by the man of the house.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Alicia Elliston“Big brother, I am so horny,” I moaned as we walked into the school. I held his hands. “Please, can we...do something? My cunny is so itchy. Watching big sister masturbate...” My cheeks burned. “Please, please, please.”Clint smiled down at me, his hand squeezing mine. He was so strong, so hunky, so wonderfully handsome. I loved being his little sister. He glanced at Melody and Pam, then pulled me towards the stairs,三人一起玩弄娇妻高潮 leading me away from his class he shared with the pair.“Where are we going, big brother?” I gasped, taking the steps quickly to keep up.“Aunt Vicky's class. My little princess has a hot cunny.”“Thank you, big brother,” I moaned.We reached the top of the stairs then turned. Clint pulled his keys out, grabbed one, and unlocked our Aunt's dark classroom. He shoved me inside and closed the door behind him, locking it. I shivered as he grabbed my hips, lifting me up and setting me on the edge of the desk.“We don't have much time,” he told me, hands pulling down my pink tights. I used my hands to lift up my ass so he could pull them off. “Okay?”“Yes,” I nodded, my pigtails swaying. “I just need it. I'm so wet and hot. I love you so much, big brother.”“And I love my little princess.” I shivered in delight. It was so wonderful when he called me his little princess. I loved being his little sister, his little girl. My legs spread, my tights bunched around my ankles. He slid his hands up my thighs, pushing up my skirt.And smiled.“Someone forgot her panties.”“Good little girls don't wear panties because it turns on their big brothers,” I moaned, my shaved cunny exposed.Clint ran a finger up and down my tight, girlish slit. I groaned, my petite body shivering. I was the smallest in the family, ignored by puberty. And Clint loved it. He loved having a little sister to love and protect.And fuck.His belt rustled. His fastener popped. His zipper rasped.“Yes,” I whispered as his big cock popped out.My little hands seized his huge dick. It was sometimes so surprising that my tiny hole could take this big dick. I stroked him and brought him to my pussy. I rubbed his cock up and down my lips, shivering as he nudged my folds.And then he slid into me. I groaned, my back arching as he filled me. His huge cock slid so deep into me, spreading me apart. I wiggled and groaned, humping into him as my cunny stretched about his thick shaft.“Big brother,” I whimpered in girlish delight, clenching down on him.He loomed over me, so big, so strong, his cock all the way in me. He grabbed my pigtails, twining them about his fingers as he drew back. Wonderful friction shuddered through me. And then he slammed in again. The desk rocked beneath his powerful thrusts. My pussy ached as he filled me, my clit grinding on his crotch.He fucked me so hard. I was his little princess, but he ravished me. I gasped, clenching him with my knees, my feet wiggling. I kicked my tights off my right ankle and wrapped my legs all the way around his waist, holding him as he pounded me.The desk creaked and rocked beneath me. I leaned back, holding onto his shoulders as he drilled into me. He was so big in every way. So strong. My cunny tingled and then burned. The friction built and built in me, his balls slapping into my flesh.“Yes, yes, yes, big brother,” I moaned, squirming. “That's what I needed. Oh, yes, big brother! Oh, fuck me!”“Uh-huh,” he groaned, driving so hard, so deep into me. “You love having your naughty cunny filled with your big brother's cock.”“So much,” I squealed, clenching down on his girth. “It's amazing. It's wonderful. It's the best cock. I'm going to cum so hard on it.”“And then my cum will leak out and stain your tights.”“Yes,” I gasped, clenching my cunny down on him.“Such a naughty, little sister,” he groaned. “Jesus, Alicia, I love you. I love my little princess!”“I love my big brother!” I screamed, not caring if any of the students passing in the halls heard me.My cunny exploded around his dick. My pussy clenched and spasmed. It writhed about his plunging cock. Pleasure washed through me. My head tossed back, glasses slipping on my nose as he grunted.He loved my cunny when I came on his cock. I remembered how wonderful it was last night when I fisted Zoey, how her flesh had spasmed about my hand and wrist, trying to milk it like I had a cock. It was amazing.And my hand wasn't anywhere near as sensitive as Clint's dick.My big brother groaned as he pounded my cumming cunny. He groaned, balls thwacking, churning more and more pleasure through my body. I gasped, shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as the incestuous pleasure bled through me.“Fuck,” Clint groaned, driving his dick so deep into me. “Oh, fuck, yes!”His cock erupted into my depths. His hot cum spurted into me. Blast after blast of jizz flooded my pussy. My back arched. Rapture shivered through me. Another wonderful cum sent ripples of delight racing to my mind.“Love you, big brother!” I moaned, my cunny milking out every drop of cum.“Love you, princess,” he groaned, pulling back his cock and driving it one final time into my depths. It was wonderful.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Vicky SamuelsI could feel the vibrator in my pussy as I moved around in front of my class, going from my large, detailed map of the Eastern United States during the colonial period, to write on the whiteboard as I gave my lecture on the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. It was the second class I taught in the day. My daughter, Melody, was front row, sitting tall, an eager smile on her lips. I kept glancing at her. She had her phone out on her desk, like she was waiting for something. I shivered, my pussy clenching on my vibrator. I kept glancing at her. She was a beautiful girl, and even more so now that she was dressing more feminine than her usual baggy clothes, shedding her tomboy persona in favor of a sexy woman now that she and Clint had taken their relationship farther. She was always his friend, but had always wanted to be more.And now she had it.Her blonde braid fell over her shoulder and dangled before her as she looked at her phone. A smile crossed her lips. Then she looked up, her hazel eyes dancing. I bit my lip. There had been almost no humming from my vibrator at all today outside of a few little buzzes before school.Was it about to happen?“And that led directly to the events in Boston,” I said. “The redcoats feeling a great deal of pressure to keep the restless population in check.”Melody picked up her phone, aiming it at me. Her smile grew.The vibrator hummed to life.I gasped at the sudden, humming delight churning my pussy. My words faltered. I gripped the projector's side as a wave of dizzy heat washed over me. I groaned, my hips wiggling as the delight churned by the vibrator washed through me.She had her phone aimed at me, recording as heat burst across my face. I felt the sweat beading my brow, my cheeks burning. I straightened, staring out at my class of barely legal watching me, some bored, others attentive.I couldn't show any signs that I had this amazing churning in my pussy. But it was so hard. My hands clenched on the remote for my computer, controlling the slideshow hooked into the projector from my button. I pressed the button, changing slides in PowerPoint.I stared at it, my entire body churning with pleasure. It was a woodcarving of British soldiers aiming at a group of civilians. I blinked at it, struggling to remember what I was supposed to say as that wonderful, humming delight buzzed through me. My body spasmed.“Something wrong, Mom?” Melody asked. “You look flustered.”“Fine,” I gasped, turning to the class. “Who can tell me what this woodcarving is?”I couldn't think. I should know it, but the only thought racing through my mind was the vibrator churning my pussy. I had been so hot and excited all morning, and now I had relief. My orgasm swelled in me. The vibrator hummed faster. It buzzed in me. Nerves radiated out the bliss through my body. I fought to keep from moaning out like a wanton hussy before my students as I trembled, assaulted by a tide of sensations.“Anyone?” I asked, staring at my students in desperate hope. My thighs clenched together. Oh, god, this was amazing. My pussy drank in every last sensation, building and building towards that moment of explosive release. “It was in the reading you were all supposed to have done.”Melody raised her hand, phone still pointed at me.“Yes, Mi...Melody.” I almost called her Mistress. That would have been disastrous.“Why don't you tell us, Mom,” she said, her lips curling. I could almost hear her say “slut.”“It's the..um...” I licked my lips, glancing at it. The humming intensified. Clint turned the vibrator up another level. How could I think with rapture humming in my cunt?My naughty, nasty, submissive cunt. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket. My students watched me, muttering. They all stared at me. Only Melody knew what was going on. The rest were oblivious. I wanted them to know I was my nephew's whore.I couldn't. But I wished they all knew I had a master, and that he was driving me wild right now.Fingers fumbling, I texted Clint a single word: “Come?”Stupid autocorrect.“No.” he answered a moment later. “Better keep teaching.”“Is something wrong, Mom?” Melody asked. “You looked so flustered and flushed. Like you're about to have an orgasm or something?”“No, no, I'm fine,” I groaned, putting my phone away. I fought against the pleasure. No cumming. “Now this picture is...” I took a deep breath. I wanted to explode. My hips wiggled. I stared at my students. They looked at me, the boys grinning, the girls fidgeting. My breasts jiggled in my low-cut blouse as I squirmed. “Oh, god, I'm not...feeling well. I need to...”I stumbled to my desk. I sat down on it, leaning back. A few of the girls stood up. “Ms. Samuels...?” Tiffany said, approaching as I squeezed shut my eyes. The vibrator hummed louder and louder. I was surprised the girl didn't hear it. “Are you okay?”“Yeah, Mom, are you okay?” Melody asked, standing beside Tiffany, the pair before my desk. “You look so flustered and flushed. Doesn't she look like she's about to have an orgasm?”“Orgasm?” Tiffany asked.“But she couldn't have that,” Melody smiled. “That would be wrong.”“Yes, yes... Just...” I groaned, clenching my stomach, my pussy aching. The pressure wanted to burst through me. “Just...stomach...cramps.”“Uh-huh,” Melody nodded, still filming me. This was torture. Sweet, wonderful torture. All my students watching me, seeing me struggle not to cum in front of them. But I wanted to. I wanted to explode. To cum like a slut before my students like the nasty, filthy whore I was. I wanted to rip down my panties, spread my thighs, and let them see the vibrator humming away inside me.To scream out: “My nephew is my Master and I am his nasty sex slave!”I bit my lip instead.“Looks so difficult,” Melody said. “Be brave, Mom, you can get through it.”“T-thanks, Mist...Melody.”“Mist?” frowned Tiffany, her brown hair swaying as she glanced at Melody.“She calls me Mist sometimes,” Melody laughed. “It's her nickname for me. Right, Mom?”“Yes, Mist...” God, I wanted to say the whole world. My entire body squirmed, my chair creaking and—The vibration stopped.I shivered, letting out an explosive breath. My eyes blinked. I wiped my brow, my pussy still on fire, but the explosion was no longer on the verge of detonating. The pressure dwindled. I groaned, leaning forward in my chair.“I think it's passed,” I said, standing up on shaky legs a minute later.“Are you sure you're okay?” Tiffany asked. “Ms. Sullivan, you look so flushed.”“She does,” Melody agreed, still filming me. My phone buzzed in my cardigan's pocket. I pulled it out. A single word from Clint: “Cum.”How had he gotten autocorrect to recognize that—The vibrator exploded through me at its highest setting.Even if Clint hadn't given me permission to cum, there was no stopping the explosion bursting through my pussy. My legs buckled. I fell to the floor on my knees. I groaned, shuddering as the vibrator churned my cunt to a froth.Pleasure burst through me. My head snapped back, my hands clutching my lower belly as my body shivered. I moaned out in rapturous joy before all my students. It burst out of me as the pleasure washed through my body, churned by the amazing, buzzing toy.“Oh, god,” I groaned.“Ms. Samuels,” Tiffany gasped, falling to her knees beside me. She grabbed my shoulders. “Are you in pain?”“So much,” I groaned as I bent over. The vibrator hummed, buzzed, churned me to a froth. I grabbed her arms for support, leaning towards her.She hugged me. “I got you, Ms. Samuels,” she squeaked, frightened. “Don't worry. Someone, get the nurse.”“No, no, no,” I moaned, shivering. “It'll pass. It'll... Fuck!”Another orgasm exploded through my naughty pussy. The vibrator kept buzzing, humming. It drove me wild. I shivered and shuddered against my student, feeling her barely legal tits through our blouses, my nipples aching. I wanted to kiss her, to push her down to the floor and ravish her body. To share the rapture exploding through my flesh with her.And then, mercifully, the humming died. I groaned, blinking, shocked that it was over. My pleasure shivered through me. I shuddered in Tiffany's arms while she stroked my back. She smelled so good.“There you are, Ms. Samuels,” she said. “Let's lie you down. The nurse is coming.”“Thank you, dear,” I panted, my entire body filled with my orgasms' buzzing delight. My fingers fumbled at my phone as Tiffany lowered me to the floor. I sent a quick text to Clint: “TY Master.”“YW slut.”I held my phone to my heaving breasts, my students crowding around me. They had all watched me cum, and none of them had known it. I met my daughter's eyes, her phone put away. She gave me a wink and a smile.God, I loved being my nephew and daughter's sex slave.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clint EllistonDespite the fact I didn't get to play with Aunt Vicky as much today as I wanted—after cumming hard before her class, the school nurse had insisted she go home, fearing she had some bad ailment—I was in a great mood. School was out, and it was time to meet Pam's mom. I was eager for it. Not just to meet my girlfriend's mom, but to fuck her with Pam's help.“God, you are so hard,” Melody groaned as she rode beside me in Pam's car, reaching out to stroke my dick.“He's going to fuck an Asian MILF,” Lee giggled. “Of course Master's hard.”Lee and Pam were in the backseat. Alicia got a ride home with Zoey, who had to get ready for work at Dairy Queen tonight with Stefani. After our interview, and orgy, with Pam's Mom, we should stop by and say hi, get a bite to eat, maybe enjoy Stefani on her break or something.My dick throbbed beneath Melody's hand.“Are you going to pop off if I keep stroking you?” Melody asked, a twinkle in her hazel eyes.“Maybe,” I panted. “So many naughty ideas bursting through me right now. So many different ways to have fun with my harem.”Melody tossed back her head and laughed. She squeezed my dick. “Mmm, yes there are.”The drive was swift. We reached Hiragawa Drugstore in ten minutes. It was on the other side of town, located in a strip mall. It was the largest building, dominating the center, a bright, flashing pharmacy symbol beneath the neon letters for the business. I parked the car, and we trundled out, Pam taking my hand.I pulled her close instead.“She'll be waiting for us,” Pam said. “I texted her we're coming.”“Good,” I nodded as we entered into the store, the automatic doors whisking open.It was bigger than I thought, like walking into a chain drugstore. Not the size of a grocery store, but about half it, with shelves full of everything from makeup to health care items. There was even food. Junk food. Lee giggled at that. “Why does a drugstore sell candy.”“Because it makes money,” a woman purred.A graceful, radiant beauty stepped out of the aisle in a white pharmacist coat over her stylish blouse and dark skirt. Nylons clad sleek calves. It was clear this was Pam's mother, they looked so much alike, same round faces, same graceful noses. Pam's mother had a darker-olive complexion, but they had the same style of silver-rimmed glasses. Her black hair fell in a styled bounce about her shoulders, looking like pure silk.“So you must be Clint—” She froze when she saw me, her eyes widening slightly. “You're Clint?”“Yep,” I nodded. “Clinton Ellison the Third, technically. But everyone calls me Clint.”“I see,” she said, her eyes sliding over to her daughter pressed against my side.“Isn't he just so handsome, Mom?” Pam said, then leaned in and gave me a kiss on the mouth.“Pam,” her mom gasped. “What are you doing?”Pam broke the kiss, squirming. “Kissing my boyfriend. I... I told you we're dating and all.”“Dating.” There was a faint catch to her voice. Her hips swiveled and writhed. “But... That's...”“Is something wrong, Mom?” Pam frowned.My eyebrows furrowed, too. I studied the woman. She was acting so strange, so flustered. Then something Pam had said last night clicked in my mind. I glanced at Pam, studying her face, then at her Mom. There were subtle differences between them. Pam's eyes weren't quite as slanted, her skin lighter, her ears...No way.I licked my lips, my dick throbbing so hard in my jeans. “So, Mrs. Hiragawa.”“Ms.,” she said. “I never married.”“Well, Ms. Hiragawa, is everything okay? I hope there's not a problem with me dating your daughter and trying to work for you at the same time?”“I...well...” She glanced at her daughter. Her cheeks paled even more. “You were at his house yesterday. What did you two...do?”“Just studying, Mom.”“And kissing,” I told the older woman. Then I leaned in planted a kiss on Pam's submissive lips. Despite her mother acting weird, she didn't resist, kissing me back with hungry passion. I slipped tongue into her mouth, my hand sliding up her side, nearing her breast.“We should do the interviews,” Pam's mom blurted out. “Yes, yes. You're here for a job. Interviews.”“Yes,” I said, breaking the kiss. Pam shivered, pressing against me. “Let's do that, Ms. Hiragawa.”“Follow me.” Ms. Hiragawa turned, her heels clicking as she hurried through the store.“That was weird,” Lee said. “Your mom is soooo weird.”“No, she's not,” Melody said, glancing at me. “Clint...”I nodded my head.“What?” Pam asked as we walked through the store.“I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise,” I said, hoping my suspicions were true. This was wild.We walked through the store and into a back area. We passed shelves and stacks of merchandise crowding the paths to a small break room with an office off of it. There was an old couch and a few chairs around a small table, a pair of vending machines—one with sodas, the other snacks—in the corner.“I'll do Clint first,” Ms. Hiragawa said, her cheeks still so pale, her words brittle.“Do,” sniggered Lee.Ms. Hiragawa continued, “And then... We'll just... Yes, yes, Clint first.”“Mom?” Pam asked, biting her lip. “What's wrong?”“Nothing is wrong.”“Nothing,” I nodded. “Let's go, Ms. Hiragawa.”I took the lead, heading to her office and opening the door. I ushered her in. She stumbled through the door and headed to her desk. It was a small room, filing cabinets lined the walls, a cluttered desk with a computer monitor dominating the center. She sat down on her comfortable chair. I chose to stand on the other side of the desk, staring down at her.“So...” She swallowed. “You're dating my daughter. Not long, though?”“Worried that she's not a virgin any longer?” I asked, my smile growing.Her eyes widened. “Young man, that's my daughter that—”“You've been in my father's bed,” I said, cutting her off. “You recognized me. I look a lot like him. And Pam did say you thought my name was strong.”Her cheeks darkened this time.“You were one of his whores. Was it Cheryl or Vicky that brought you to him?”She licked her lips. “Please, young man, this isn't—”“I asked you a question. Was it Cheryl or Vicky that brought you to his bed?”“Cheryl,” she said, looking down. “It was years ago.”“About twenty?”She stiffened.“Pam's my father's daughter, isn't she? You fooled around with him, got pregnant, and never told him he had a daughter.”“Oh, god,” she groaned, pressing her face into her hands. “Yes. You're dating your half-sister.”“Not just dating her,” I told her. “Fucking her. I took her cherry. She loved it. She's just as submissive as you are. When I told her to, she fell to her knees and sucked my cock like a champ. Just so eager to please.”I moved around the desk, unbuckling my belt. “Just like you were with my dad. You were on your knees, sucking his cock while my mom and Aunt Vicky nuzzled alongside you, whispering in your ears, encouraging you to love him.”She said something in Japanese, shivering on the chair. Her eyes glanced at me, drawn by the zipper's rasp. My dick strained my boxers as I pushed my jeans down. Her chair creaked as she turned ever so slightly towards me.“I fucked her pussy without a condom,” I continued. “She's not on the pill. I'm going to breed her. Just like I'm breeding my two sisters out there. Incest is popular in our family. And I'm so happy I have another sister to play with.”I pulled out my hard cock.“So get down on your knees and suck my cock, slut. Just like you did for my dad. Wrap those lush lips about it and pleasure me.”“I'm not a slut,” she groaned. “That was a long time ago. I was just a kid.”“And now you are one sexy MILF.” I shook my cock. “Suck it. And then your daughter's going to eat your cunt until you explode.”To be continued...